So … Roasted garlic smells lovely … but I still prefer the *original* Canna Kitchen smell! Since Kendra has handed back the “reins to the range” I’ve been doing some R&D the last couple of nights. One of many recent trials is “Baked Roasted Garlic”. Yes you read that right. This should be yummy.

And then there’s Paste.
How many of you have had paste and love it? I’m stickin’ with capsules between the two, but if you love it and want it, we can make it. Talk about interesting to eat, and even more interesting to put in a capsule! (Think charm school with “interesting here!”)

I made paste in three different mediums with three different starting materials, so we’ll see! I infused them all using the same process (sorry, trade secret) and will be trying it one or more other ways before it’s all said and done. I have prepped these for testing, I am curious of the strength, so I hope to see Billy on Tuesday.  I wish it didn’t take a week to get results back!

I recently made a batch of super salve in exclusively Virgin Organic Avocado Oil (VOAO) and another batch in Rice Bran Oil (RBO). How exciting is that? We’ve used the VOAO in our SuperSalve for a while, but have never had Rice Bran Oil.

I also made a batch of Ogre capsules for sleep in the RBO and look forward to getting results back on them. It will be exciting to see how it extracts compared to the Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. We have been very consistent in our capsules, so it will be easy enough to tell.

OK, I’ve got to get away from this “Baked Roasted Garlic” (RG)! (Timer dinged just after I typed that!)

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