My buddy Ross called a couple of days ago and told me his theory on why bud rot happens where it does on a flowering Cannabis plant. I have to think his theory is right, as I saw evidence of the same in a friends garden.

Have you seen those lovely little white ‘butterflies’ that flitter around your yard? Ross said they start coming around in June or July and they lay their eggs on the plant. Later after it rains, the buds rot in that same place. The rotting bud is easily identifiable by the dying foliage around it.

Ross proposes you spray your plants as soon as you see the pesky white butterflies in the Spring. He gave the name of the chemical he suggests. I wrote it down, but the note is at work; I’ll update this later with a comment so you can find out and research it.

Me, I’m going to get a butterfly net … I’ll play catch and release. Perhaps we could take those pesky critters to where the invasive species bloom and cut down their reproduction some how.

For you growers, this is a great tip – I really think he hit the nail on the head with his finding, thanks for calling, Ross!

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