With “legal-ization” anyone over the age of 21 can now posses Cannabis.  You just can’t buy it anywhere.  So, you need to see the doctor and maintain your card.

We’re committed to you having a positive experience at our place.  We spend a good amount of time and resources getting your records from clinics, reviewing your records, preparing and printing your file, calling to remind you of your appointment… you get the picture.

Due to a new trend of no-shows, we are now requiring a $50 non-refundable deposit when your appointment is made or records requested.  You may pay with cash, check, or card (3.1% fee applies to plastic, so $51.55 if on a card).

The $50 deposit is automatically applied to your balance when you show up for your original scheduled appointment.  If you re-schedule your appointment, to retain your deposit, you must reschedule 3 business days before your scheduled date.

Those who fail to show or reschedule in a timely manner forfeit the $50 deposit and must pay an additional $25 penalty fee and prepay to be scheduled again.  We’ve put you on our schedule, please be sure and put us on yours.  We have likely turned others away for the limited appointments, so it is a double edged sword.  We do not double book our appointments – we maintain our time schedule so you aren’t kept waiting.  We sincerely appreciate your business and referrals, thank you again.

Also, please remember that you cannot shop in the dispensary with a safety packet, so you will want to allow at least 30 days when you send in your packet with a money order, and longer if you send a personal check.
We’re glad you’re here and we appreciate your understanding, blessings be!

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