I am feeling very honored today.  Yesterday I stepped out of my comfort zone and emailed Dr Robert Melamede (aka Dr Bob).  I asked if he knows of any doctors in Oregon that might be interested in performing oversight of Cannabis research.  If you’ve watched any of the documentaries we have screened at Albany’s Canna Kitchen, you will recognize him in a minute, he has been instrumental in Medical Cannabis research.  I always enjoy listening to what he has to say, he has a smile on his face and in his voice as he speaks – Cannabis research is obviously his passion.  Click HERE to view a short video filmed in 2006 of him speaking about Cannabis and cancer – (Opens new window).

Although Dr Bob was unable to provide the name of a doctor in Oregon who would like to provide oversight, I am more than impressed that he took the time to write back and say, “sorry, no”. That really made my day.  I stood there and stared at my “inbox” for a minute before I opened the email … hoping above hope that he would provide the answer that I really wanted – but then again, perhaps it’s just not time for that yet.  My personal physician would like to help us, but is constrained by her employer.  Perhaps when she semi-retires she can.  God always provides, this much I know!

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