For years, commercial antiperspirants stained my clothes and polluted my body with toxins. Five or six years ago I was delighted with what Kendra showed me for a natural remedy and just because I could, I infused it with Cannabis. I am all about getting Cannabis into my body in any way I can, and I think you should be doing the same. It’s not about getting high; it’s about feeding our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and bringing our body to homeostasis, perfect balance. Putting Cannabis infused deodorant under your arm isn’t going to get you high, but another time we’ll talk about medicating via your naval.  😉

This has been the only “under arm treatment” I have used to prevent odor and wetness from the time Kendra told me about it and we infused some. It’s made of baking soda and Cannabis infused virgin organic coconut oil.  I tried a couple of varieties, once with cocoa butter added and another time with scents … but as usual, “less is more”. Being made with baking soda means you MUST splash water on the armpit after you apply the treatment to prevent burning. If at any time you feel burning, you apply water and it stops.  I’m just finishing up my last container from what I had left… it lasts a long time, too!

In June, although nothing had changed, I began having painful breakouts under my arm.  I applied some of my glycerin based elixir to the area after my shower one evening in July, and didn’t use any deodorant on either side. The next morning, I noticed that the rash was all cleared up!  While the other armpit was “arm-pitty” after an overheated sleep, the one that I applied the elixir to was not only cleared up, but dry and odor free.  This was in Alabama in July, and in Oregon during August and September. My daughter and our friend Magen witnessed the event.  I was embarrassed that they had seen my armpit rash, but delighted the next day when I could show them my results.

Now, what’s that about medicating via the naval? Yes, it’s true! You can dose in and around the navel. The blood vessels that attached you to your mother are right there under the skin and they quickly carry the Cannabinoids throughout your body.  Amazing way to dose, I am told!  I’ll give it the old college try one of these evenings at bedtime – I mean hey, I was the first person I know to try Cannabis Suppositories, the belly button is almost like “no challenge!” Please try it and let me know what you think. Some just put the concentrate right in the navel by itself, I will warm it and put it in a carrier oil, myself.

Be well, stay hydrated.  Remember, Legal-LIES-ation is a trap! We need to REPEAL Cannabis Prohibition and set this plant free. Hitting the like button tells me you want to hear more from me.

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