You would think that in the year 2015, presenters would be sharper and would check out the information they are portraying as truth.  I am highly disappointed in the Town Hall that was held by Rep. Andy Olson, and you should be too.  I am sure Andy didn’t prepare the information the police officer presented, but you would think he would ensure they were only putting out truthful information.  Wouldn’t you?

I am glad that I attended the Town Hall, if nothing else because I think that due to “the rest of us” being there, the tone of the meeting was less “Reefer Madness oriented” than it would have been.  The question was asked how many of us have children in school … the majority of the hands were on the board, not in the audience.  It was clear, this was to fuel their fears – it would be so nice if they would open their minds to the truth instead of just perpetuating old information and lies.

Instead of wasting time on a plant that saves lives instead of taking them, wouldn’t it be nice if they would spend some time teaching the truth about cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs, meth, heroin, GMO foods, weather modification and more?!!

I do hope that you will all be at the City Council Meeting next Wednesday, September 23rd.  It is very important that you represent your feelings on the sale of recreational Cannabis in Albany, now and in the future.

Kyle Odegard has written a short article about tonight’s Town Hall, you can find it on Facebook on the Albany Democrat Herald website here:  

Below, I have posted a YouTube link to “Reefer Madness” just in case you’d like a refresher.  Blessings be!

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