I stumbled across an article and it really shook me to the core. Here China is using the bug that everyone in the world despises to treat cancer, all the while the world is holding the plant hostage that has the cure within it. That’s despicable. What on Earth are our leaders thinking? And now … 1.5 million of these little dears have escaped and are making their way into homes and farms. Do you suppose they will make their way aboard the Dollar Tree and WalMart ships? You bet they will, easily stepping into your home if you shop there.

Isn’t it ironic that this person, Wang Pengsheng, is wanting them for their extract …

Enter the Cannabis plant … it doesn’t gross everyone out and make you scratch your head wondering how to exterminate it. It’s never killed anyone from an overdose, and it kills cancer and does away with inflammation. How crazy is it that people are turning to bugs when all they need is some Cannabis Oil?

Keep teaching the truth!

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