If you’ve been to our shop, you might know I’m a tea drinker these days. I prefer using the loose-leaf mint to make mine, not only is it less expensive, it tastes great!

Recently, however, I’ve begun drinking fresh leaf “pot-tea” (LOL) in the evenings. YUM! I was blessed with some fresh leaf that I enjoy using in a smoothie, so I decided to try some in tea. I cut the leaves up and put it in the pan to boil on low for about 15 minutes and then let it steep for several more minutes. It smells like “grass” (more than Cannabis) and even tastes a bit like it, but oh my has it done wonders for making me drowsy and ready for bed well before the 2 a.m. when I usually crawl in! Why oh why did I wait until the end of the outdoor season to try this?!

Typically it is said that you need a fat to bind with the Cannabis for it to have any effect. That would be the effects of the THC that is being discussed. It is not a high effect that I am feeling when using this tea, it is a relaxed, warm, all-is-well feeling instead. I like it. I’ll continue to do it as long as I can get fresh leaf to enjoy. I’m also going to try it with dry leaf that I know has been organically grown with no spray or chemical fertilizers.

I do know that adding a fat to the mixture will add the high effect, so if that’s what you are after, you can add some cream, coconut oil, butter or any other naturally occurring fat to the mix for the THC to bind with. Blessings all, have a beautiful day!

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