Every day we hear testimonials of how well our Cannabis Capsules work … Do you know that we are now able to make nearly 10 different types for various conditions? Today it has been a great joy to hear from “E” that the 1:1:1’s are exactly what she needs and from JD that after taking one capsule he was able to lay down, go to sleep, and sleep until after 8 a.m., which he has not done in a number of years. It brings us such joy to hear this from people who have had to suffer with pain and illness for far too long. What ails you? I bet there’s a strain nearby that’ll bring you relief! (In the meantime, Re-Leaf! Learn more and grow the truth!) Write your legislators and ask them when Medical Cannabis, at the very least, will be available to EVERYONE, not just people who live in certain states and are willing and able to pay the ransom to the state for the card. Take action, take part, help with the footwork! Together, we can build on the momentum that has started. ‘Can-na I count on you?!’ That is both a statement and a question! This plant makes for some amazing Smokeless Cannabis Remedies!! Call 541-981-2620 and let us know when you’d like to come in for your Canna Consult.

Remember, January 2, 2013, we are going to be converting to an appointment only system for Canna Consults, drop off, and pick up in an effort to better serve you. Naturally, there are times I am not available to see you as I am busy preparing remedies! Kendra will be taking over the majority of the consults, and she’s been trained by the best. She knows where to get the answers if she can’t answer them, so all is well.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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