I am forever telling people that our (internal) Smokeless Cannabis Remedies will bring your body to homeostasis, most especially the capsules. It is my guess that a look at “blood work” even when having an illness or condition would tell a lot about what is going on with a person. I recently had blood work done, and am happy to share my results.

AST: This tests for liver abnormalities: Result is 18 (normal is 0-37)
ALT: This tests for liver abnormalities: Result is 12 (normal is 0-41)
Creatinine: .9, normal is .5-1.
BUN: 9, normal 8-21
Glucose: 81, normal 70-99.
Sodium: 140, Normal 135-145
Potassium 4.0, bormal 3.5 – 5.1

My white blood count was a little elevated (inflammation) but other than that, the RBC Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets were all right there where they needed to be.

I typically only take capsules at night to go to sleep, unless I have a particular ache or pain that is bothering me; if I were to take 3 per day, I’ll bet everything would be dead-set on center.

My last ‘doctor’ used to say, “I wish all my patients had numbers like yours!” but she wouldn’t even discuss Cannabis… can you imagine? You understand that’s why she’s my ‘last doctor’, right?!

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