I’m angry.  My cousin Michelle didn’t have to die so young (55) and she sure as hell didn’t have to suffer the agonizing pain and misery of the barbaric medical treatment she endured.  It saddens me greatly that the medical profession is still ‘practicing’ with poison.  Why do they do it?  There are several hundred thousand dollars in each one of those chop/chemo/radiation patients, maybe that’s why.

Even if Michelle had been forced to pay for her Cannabis (some growers are able to provide it for free, some are not) the cost of her Cannabis Therapy would have been less than $2700 (two thousand seven hundred dollars), if you wish to talk dollars and cents.

In terms of compassion and sense, using the Cannabis Therapy, she would have never puked, she would have kept her hair, there would have been no nausea, she would have had an appetite and a will to live.  And, I’m willing to bet she would still have been here to celebrate LIFE and grandchildren with her family … much-less Christmas 2012.

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