Gramsterdam appreciates that many non-carded people would like to purchase our organic products, but we are staying a Medical Cannabis Dispensary and not opening our doors to the “Recreational Market”. We would ask that our patients not purchase Cannabis to take to non-patients as that will use up the supply that was intended for the medical patients who have paid a fee for the privilege.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated not only by me, but our fellow patients.

As to “Recreational Cannabis and Gramsterdam” we have primarily Smokeless Cannabis Remedies which will not be allowed to be sold in the Rec Market … so it is even more awkward.  

When I think about “Recreational Smokeless Cannabis Remedies” I think of random, unlabeled, Mystery-Caps. You won’t know if you are going to sit on the sofa and laugh for hours on end or if you’re going to get “Sativa Sappy” or do the Indica Nod in your recliner.  You might just get a Sativa that will keep you up all night taking stock of your CannaCap Inventory (ahem!)

Before becoming a patient and learning more, it was always a crapshoot, one never knew just what you might get from your (gasp) dealer.  One of the biggest benefits to becoming a patient:  the ability to get clean, tested, organic medicine that works for the condition you need worked on – and not just a Mystery Cap!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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